Public Cloud AND On-Site IT

I was invited to host a thought leadership discussion with Bruce Kornfeld, the CMO and GM for the Americas for StorMagic.  It all came about when he responded to my video “The Potential of the Platform”, which analyzes the value of Software-as-a-Service platforms.  Bruce believes that “edge computing” is an area that public cloud and SaaS are often not the right solution.

Based on my analysis, the public cloud is not a panacea, whether it is consumed as IaaS, PaaS or SaaS.  There remains applications and use cases that do not and will not exclusively live in the cloud.  However, the continued success of the public cloud is undeniable and inevitable.  Interestingly, both public cloud and on-site IT are thriving.

Bruce reached out to me and we both agreed that a thought leadership webcast could be fun and informative.  It is easy to assume that the public cloud will totally eat IT.  Check out the webcast to learn why that is not the case in the foreseeable future:

A candid discussion about using the public cloud vs. onsite IT




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