The Technologist’s Journey

My definition of a technologist is someone that deeply understands technology as it relates to some vital aspect of the world and its potential value.   Being a technologist differs from being technical.  Someone that is technical typically has applied engineering skills.  Technical people often have to be pragmatic and risk averse.  Technologists may need to be impractical at times and take bold risks.  Of course, a technical person can also be a technologist but they must wear different hats when appropriate.  But it is also important to understand that you don’t have to be an engineer to be a technologist.  You should be passionately curious, ask questions, engage in thought provoking dialog with experts and teach people what you’ve learned in order to keep the cycle going.

I believe it is vital for more people to commit to this pursuit.  This website, in great part, is focused on the technologist’s ongoing journey.  Technology is imbued in our culture and touches everyone’s lives.  And more game changing innovations are coming.  Be a part of it.  Participate in the transformative nature of technology.

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