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The INI Group is an analyst, consulting, research and strategy firm focused on the high tech industry.  I’m Tony Asaro,  founder, CEO, senior analyst and consultant for INI.

The analyst role at INI is in great part to be a technologist, someone that deeply understands technology as it relates to some vital aspect of the world and its potential value.  This requires being both a student and a teacher.   It is a perpetual journey that involves asking questions, engaging in discussions, research, reading, watching, listening and sharing ideas and information with others.

The nuts and bolts work of the INI analyst is to engage with creators and users of technology, products, solutions, systems and services.  Out of this may come content, research, public speaking, communication to (hopefully) a broad audience and consulting.

INI engages in a wide variety of consulting projects.  These range from short term tactical to strategic engagements.  Typically we work with high tech vendors helping them with product requirements, messaging and positioning, road map analysis, market research, business development, go-to-market, etc.

“Tony is the best abstract thinker I’ve ever met.”  – Frank Slootman

I put this quote up for those of you that have not worked with me in the past.  Frank is one of the most accomplished CEOs in the high tech industry.   I provided analyst and consulting services to Frank and his team while he was the CEO of Data Domain and also when he was CEO of ServiceNow.  As an analyst I developed content, participated in public speaking for both in-person events and webcasts, moderated customer panels and a bevy of other engagements.  As a consultant, I provided input on their brand, go-to-market strategies, brainstorming sessions, product recommendations, discussed market trends and gave them candid and constructive feedback.

The INI Group’s coverage areas for the present include Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Data Lifecycles.  SaaS is more than just applications running in the Cloud but also a powerful consumption model that has great potential to leverage AI, machine and deep learning automation and predictive analytics to raise the game to another level.  As far as Data Lifecycles go, it is time to start taking a more holistic approach and begin to break down the functional silos that exist in most companies in order to elevate how we utilize, protect and manage data.

On this website we provide you with:

  • Thought Leadership videos that focus on technologies, innovations and solutions within and outside of our main focus areas.
  • Professional Insight videos that discuss market trends, challenges, issues and ideas often with a call to action.
  • Educational videos that seek to provide clarity on important, sometimes ambiguous topics, concepts and technologies.
  • High-tech Snapshot videos that specifically explain what leading, interesting and emerging high-tech vendors bring to the table.
  • A blog to more directly communicate with our community.
  • A podcast series where we dig deeper approaching the world with a technologist’s lens…coming soon.

One other thing, the name of the company are the letters “I” “N” “I” spoken individually and not pronounced phonetically.  Just thought you should know 🙂

I am looking forward to going on the technologist’s journey with all of you.

Tony Asaro

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