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Blah, Blah Blockchain

An educational-ish video that explains Blockchain and its value. It is a non-technical overview – so count how many times I mention ledger and hashing 🙂 . This video is for those of you that want more clarity on why Blockchain is important.


IT in Transition

IT departments are transitioning and adapting to both technology and cultural changes. IT departments are prioritizing different skills sets and focusing on how to bring value to the business. IT vendors need to be mindful of these changes and IT professionals should embrace them.


Data Lifecycles: Fact or Fiction?

Data Lifecycles Fact or Fiction? We kind of, sort of implement data lifecycles but rarely, if ever encompasses the vast majority of our data. There is a lot of lip service to the value of data but we are far from best practices. Will the Chief Data Officer come and save the day? Mmm…


The Potential of the Platform: SaaS

There is game changing potential in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms and we are just at the beginning of what is possible.


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